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4 Function Auto Clean Shower Head by Gravity Bath

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This innovative Auto Clean Multi-flow shower comes with an adjustable switch that changes the
spray settings and also operates the self-clean mode of the shower, which solves the age-old
problem of cleaning your shower head.

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  • 4 spray settings – Adjust your shower according to your need.
    Spray Mode delivers a comfortable spray that relaxes you after a hectic day.
    Massage Mode washes over your skin with a warm and covering flow.
    Rain Shower activates the outer nozzles for a rain-like calming experience
  • Easy Auto-Clean mode that cleans the shower nozzles of lime scale and sediment build-up with just a push of the switch, ensuring a long and trouble-free life of the shower.
  • The knob on the side can be used to switch easily between the spray modes and the auto clean mode
  • It is extremely easy to install and can be installed without a plumber within minutes
  • The shower head is equipped with evenly silicon nozzles which are ensure a long and durable life.
  • The shower head comes with a heavy-duty unbreakable brass socket/ball joint that enables you to adjust the angle of the shower head.
  • The Shower head is equipped to endure high pressure of water


  • Shower head is made of ——————————-material
  • Long lasting durability as the material doesn’t rot or crack or leak
  • Premium chrome finish ensures a mirror like long lasting shine.


  • Anti-corrosive and rust proof material ensures long lasting durability
  • Hassle free maintenance, just push the knob to clean the shower of dirt and lime scale build
  • 3 adjustable spray settings
  • Warranty – 1 Year
    In the box:
    1 Shower head (shower arm not included)

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What to do if your shower head gets choked?
    Push the switch on the side of the shower head to activate the auto clean mode which gently pushes out the dirt and sediment build up
  2. How often do I need to use the auto clean mode?
    To ensure a long life of the shower you should use the auto clean mode of the shower at least once a month.
  3. Is the shower head suitable with any shower arm?
    Yes the shower head has a standard thread size and is compatible with regular shower arms.
  4. What is the warranty on the shower head?
    The warranty is of 1 Year.
  5. What happens if my shower gets damaged in transit?
    Gravity provides 7 days of easy returns/exchanges. If your product is damaged in transit.

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4 Function Auto Clean Shower Head by Gravity Bath
640.00 512.00
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